Chad decides to take his passion for gaming and show the world how terrible he is at playing them. That sentence took a turn for the worse. And so do these videos. Oh boy...

Chad Plays Guacamelee Part 4! - Amsterdam The Frito Gato

A battle between the legendary luchador and a giant fire cat commences.


Chad Plays Hearthstone Part 8 - Greetings Squelch

Chad finds out that emotions can lead to a path of destruction.


Chad Plays Guacamelee Part 3 - Ole!

Chad tries his best at relating to his soccer fans.


Chad Plays Hearthstone Part 7 - Meet Nat Pagle!

Chad has a new legendary card he wants to show off.


Chad Plays Guacamelee Part 2 - ¡Much Fight! 

Gucamelee ups the ante with new enemies and Chad recounts a TV show from his childhood!


Chad Plays Hearthstone Part 6 - Custom Deckstruction

Chad continues his Hearthstone quest to be the very best like no one ever was. To catch them is his real test, to train them is his cause! He also uses his custom deck.


Chad Plays Guacamelee! Part 1

Luchador Juan must rescue El Presidente's Daughter! Watch as Chad tries to reunite these two starstruck lovers! It's an all out Luchador brawl!


Chad Plays Hearthstone Part 5 - Training Day

Chad continues on his quest to become the greatest Hearthstone player of all time. He does so by practicing on computer players. Take that Trump

Chad Plays Papers Please Part 4 - The End?

Chad starts to get into the game but something happens. What could it possibly be? 


Chad Plays Hearthstone Part 4

Chad finishes up the quest he started in part 3. This time: he means business. Gaming business. 


Chad Plays Papers Please Part 3 (Audio Issues)

Chad continues to fight terrorists and his crappy laptop as he continues to work for the border patrol.


Chad Plays Hearthstone Part 3

Chad returns in a post-video recording due to problems with Audacity. Listen to him commentate on past Chad's play style.


Chad Plays Papers Please Part 2

Chad returns in Papers Please. His accents get worse while his days as a border patrolman gets tougher.


Chad Plays Hearthstone Part 2

Chad is back in Hearthstone. Will he win a match this time? Oh gosh, I hope so!


Chad Plays Papers Please Part 1

Chad plays Papers Please and uses some pretty bad accents. All in all, he has a good time.


Chad Plays: Hearthstone Part 1

Chad tries his hand at the World of Warcraft themed online card game Hearthstone.


Chad Plays: Super Meat Boy Chapter 2 Part 2

The second episode of Chad Plays kicks off with Chad talking. So it's like the last video. Great...


Chad Plays: Super Meat Boy Chapter 2 Part 1

In this episode of Chad Plays, Chad beats his meat in the lovably hard indie title Super Meat Boy. Join him for a lot of cursing, threats to his butt/other parts of his body, and stupid stories.