2014 Podcast Awards - Episode 12

The Chad White Podcast ends another year in the internet world with another awards show! 2014 proved to be a big year in comedy that included many movies, tv shows and even books. 

Join Chad as he sits down alone to talk about this year and give out coveted awards. Hard to believe he carries a single sided conversation for an hour and a half!

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Chad White 
Rick Boykin
Chad Kroeber

Special 10thennial Edition! The Complaint Cast


*It's not but it should be. We <3 you HBO.

Fake your excitement for a brand new episode of The Chad White Podcast! It also happens to be the 10th episode the cohosts have done! The boys are back in town for Spring Break and what better way to spend a time they should be partying making a podcast for you? That's right, these guys are losers! Ha! 

Anyways, the Chad's talk True Detective (HB-OH BOY), Chad Kroeber gets a complaint at work, Rick is filled with vinegar and complains that his stories aren't funny, and Chad White complains about people not writing for the website.

Enjoy an unedited podcast! You're welcome, C+'ers!

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