2013 Podcast Awards

Hello all! Welcome to the 2013 C+ Comedy Podcast Awards for 2013! I said 2013 twice! Obviously, I didn't use it enough this year. 2013.

Ross Kroeber joins the lads today to give his input on the the best of the best movies, tv shows, and everything in between. Not only did he come prepared with note cards but he also brought along a vibrant mind full of insight and other brainular things.

This extra long episode is jam packed with the jokes and tv/movie knowledge that you've come to expect from us. So why not get away from that family of yours, get some hot cocoa, immediately get spotted by grandma, tell her that you're going to get started on some homework for next semester, rush away while she applauds you for being a good student, lock the door to a private room, put on some headphones, play loud porn sounds from another computer so that no one gets suspicious, and enjoy this: The Chad White Podcast Ep. 9 PODCAST AWARDS 2013!

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(9:19) TV
(11:43) Best Non Comedy 
(23:50) Major Shows That Ended
(31:51) Shows That Were Canceled
(52:02) Best Animated
(1:06:15) Best New Shows
(1:13:15) Best Stand Up
(1:23:11) Best Superhero Films
(1:26:23) Best Film
(1:40:45) Best Games
(1:41:19) Worst of 2013
(1:41:31) Meh of 2013
(1:42:32) Ross' Must See's of 2013
(1:44:09) Honerable Mentions