Black People Meet Christian Singles on JDate

Welcome back to the Chad White Podcast, live from the White House! Today, Alma McCarty joins the lads. She is known around the world as the Sexiest Woman Alive 2012*. In this episode, the guys recount a childhood film: BABE, the group talks about dating websites, Chad White discusses his idea for a movie, Alma drives a bus, Rick blocks out his childhood and forgets how to breathe, and Chad Kroeber bullies someone for wearing a denim shirt (hint: it's not any of the guys). Sit back, take your hands out of your pants and enjoy the greatest episode ever of the Chad White Podcast. That'll do, pigs. 

*That title actually belongs to Mila Kunis. God bless Mila Kunis. 
**Also, sorry for the potato quality for the first 13 minutes. It'll never happen again for a while I hope. 

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