It's Pretty, It's So Pretty

Episode 3 of the Chad White Podcast


Funny guy Chad Kroeber joins the Rick and Chad White on the podcast. As a bonus, they even got an official (slightly unofficial) theme song! We find out the epic conclusion to the Rick/Sarah saga, why Chad White hates being called by his full name, Chad Kroeber spits some funny one liners and, as a bonus, Danny DeVito, Bill Cosby, and Roswell's own Shanteona Keys make appearances*. So basically, things get a little rowdy. Prepare your anuses for the third episode of the Chad White Podcast. 

*They don't actually make appearances but someone does a damn good impersonation of them. 
**I won't name names. 
***I'll give you a hint: He's extremely handsome and talented. 
****And black 
*****His name is in the title of the podcast 

******It's Chad White.

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