The Difference Between “Your” and “You’re”

Chad White, Loves Writing, Hates Miswriting

Picture this: you’re writing a text message to your best friend/lover, most likely me, and happen upon a part in the sentence that requires the use of “your” or “you’re.” At this point, you forget in what context to use both words. But you don’t really care because you’re not a nerd, grammar loser like myself so you just finish the sentence. It reads:

                “OMG Chad your so cool and funny.”

Thanks for the complement but you used the wrong version. The correct word you were supposed to use was “you’re.” “Your,” the one without the E, refers to oneself. The one with the E is a contraction of the words “you” and “are.” They’re not interchangeable. Stop interchanging them.

Here are some ways you can know the difference between “your” and “you’re:”

“Your” can be replaced with “my” as in, “Hey man, can you grab that remote on your right?” “Don’t you tell me to look to my right and get something for your lazy ass.” (But really, who talks like that?  I use the word “clicker.”)

Again, “You’re” is a combination of “you” and “are.” Imagine they’re two star crossed lovers that are going to end up together no matter what happens to them in the sentence. They met each other in the spring of a semester during college. “You” is a free spirit that doesn’t need a man and “are” is an uptight, no-nonsense guy that needs order. They often teach each other lessons about life. (Sounds like a Fox sitcom, right?) As they grow closer, their relationship blossoms. And soon, they become “You’re.” After combining they….wait a second. What am I doing? This has gone entirely too far.

Bottom line is, the two cannot be switched. Doing so makes you looks terribly stupid and no one feels sorry for you.

Here are some more helpful examples for the proper use of the terms:

You’re: “Chad, you’re probably the greatest person in the world. I can’t believe you’re even walking among us mortals.”

Your: “Oh my gosh, Sarah. I just heard about this really cute black guy named Chad. He’s right up your alley. Hop on that.”

You’re: “You’re right. Chad White is truly too cool for school. I want to be him.”

Your: “Oh no, Chad! Your shoes are dirty. Let me clean those for you.”

Now that you finally know how to properly use “your” and “you’re,” go out in the world and begin practicing how to talk like a regular human being. Be sure to include me into those sentences!