Nostalgia Crisis

Chad White, Born in the 90’s, Of Course He Remembers the Fucking 90’s

  90's kids remember...and so does anyone else who watched Ed, Edd and Eddy.

90's kids remember...and so does anyone else who watched Ed, Edd and Eddy.

90’s kids are the worst.

Recently there has been a fad where people my age, presumably ours if we’re the same age, reflect back on the early years of their lives.

This was bound to happen, especially if you’ve reached a defining point in your life that required you to look back on past moments. For months, people between the ages of 18 and 20 have been posting statuses asking if anyone remembers mundane things that just happened such as Disney movies and early Harry Potter books. For example, I talk to people all the time about television shows that I like. This is mostly because I spend 50% of my life in front of that screen and have so much time on my hands to do so. Anywhosers, whenever I mention a recent show like Phineas and Ferb or Adventure Time, I’m usually berated with comments such as “yeah those are okay but I miss shows like The Wild Thornberrys and Doug.”

The worst part about that is most if not all shows they mention are from the early 2000’s. That was barley over a decade ago.

Another problem that ties in with this topic is personal indulgence. This generation has a staggering amount of self-entitlement that is usually reserved for royalty. Everyone has to know everything and be in everyone else’s business. Worse off, we can do it from the tip of our fingers. Things can be posted onto our social network page without a second thought. Find a Twitter or a Facebook of a younger person and you can see them posting wildly inappropriate things like pictures of them crying then posting it to Instagram. (Seriously, it’s a new fad and it needs to stop. Who the fuck cares if you’re crying? And why are you even taking a picture of it anyway?) There is a serious disconnect that is happening to us because we are too linked to each other by the way of social networks, texting, and the interwebs. Can’t we just go back to the days of sending birds with messages tied to their legs?

  "90s Kids" are turning into Judy Funnie. NO ONE wants that.

"90s Kids" are turning into Judy Funnie. NO ONE wants that.

But what we have to understand is as a generation that grew up with all of these advances, we have to deal with the consequences such as heavy pollution, large debt, and the memories and attention spans of a lemming. (This is not meant to be political. This is meant to purely be an observation.) There’s nothing we can do to correct any of this. It seems as though that as time goes on, our problems will only grow bigger then we’ll pass those problems onto the next generation. It’s like a terrible game of dominos because who the hell plays dominos anymore. Forbes has a great article on this topic. It essentially boils down to our generation not being able to go anywhere in life and us being completely fine with it. Contributor Bob Lutz writes “… with the rise of electronic interactivity …the human need for actual travel will diminish.” And it seems as though it’s true, we are fine with not accomplishing much of anything in life because we expect to earn what we think we deserve. 

 Look, I get it. Those things were great. They still are. But that does not mean that you have to look down on those who were not around or did not experience them. Can’t we just enjoy them ironically? Sort of like how I ironically enjoy watching Pokemon? (But seriously, it’s a great show. And game. I’ll never grow up). You see the thing is, some of these shows and toys are still around. Power Rangers? Still going strong 20 years later; That toy with the water on the inside where you had to push buttons and make rings float to a single pole? Yep, still a terrible last minute dollar store birthday item; PC Games that were on multiple floppy disks that you had to keep switching out? Yeah we know that sucked.

What I guess I’m saying here is, if you were born in the 90s, stop being such a dick. I enjoy nostalgia as much as the next person but there’s a point to where it all gets annoying. But I can’t just blame my generation. People born in the 50’s often talk about how simple their time period was and how much they miss it. The same goes for those born in the 70s. No one mentions the 80s. Too much cocaine to remember. I do love the era I was born in. It was a good time to be a baby. However, all of that is in the past.

Let’s keep it that way.