Local Man Looks At Himself In Mirror As He Brushes Teeth, Wonders Where All The Good Years Have Gone

Chad White, The Man in the Article, Aren’t We All?

A local man is wondering what went wrong earlier in his life that got him to the subpar life he lives today.

Middle School teacher Aaron Brown, 39, is in the midst of a midlife crisis. He’s stuck teaching a bunch of kids that he doesn’t like and his wife slaps him over the head constantly.

Brown works at George Jefferson Middle School which was created after the hit sitcom The Jeffersons ended its run. The kids there are all archetypes of Archie Bunker and Florence the maid. The students harass Brown on a daily basis because he is short and fat and his hair is thinning. He kind of looks like Danny Devito except he has no hope.

“Nobody respects me anymore. I used to party all of the time but lately I’ve been falling asleep at nine” said a squeamish Brown as he looked over his shoulder for his dodgy wife.

Brown also volunteers his time to his son’s scout troupe where he is a scout leader.

“On the camping trip last week, they took all of my supplies and tied them up in a four story tree. I have to admit their Dutch Marine Bowline was stupendous” said Brown.

Jenny Brown, Aaron’s wife, also had something to say but we couldn’t hear her over the sound of her hands slapping her husband.