C+ Recrap: Week of 9/29/13

Hey, hey hey! It’s the C+ Recrap for the week of 9/30/13! How are you feeling? Good? Did you go to the doctor and get that thing on your neck looked at? What’s that? It was just a mole? Thank Goodness! I’m glad you’re safe. Say, why don’t you unwind from your hectic week by reading some articles! Or how about checking out some new music? And why not read some comics that will make you laugh so hard you’ll start to cry but then those tears of laughter will turn into tears of sadness as you remember that thing that happened in your childhood that really traumatized you like being pushed into the deep end of the pool and swallowing all that water and almost drowning but your uncle Sam saved you by performing CPR but he was a heavy smoker and often smelled like menthol and sweaty socks so now every time you go to the gym or smell cigarette smoke you flinch? I think I hit a nerve.


How to Spot a Cool Kid

                Chad Kroeber is a cool kid. All he wants to do is spread his coolness. Go ahead and let him. Click here! 

Awkward Silence in Conversation Prompts Two Acquaintances to Avoid Each Other

                You know when you meet someone’s friend and start seeing that person everywhere but have nothing to say? This is for you. Click here to accept!

Entrepreneur Works from Home, Gets Sexually Harassed

                This man is very brave to continue working at that office. Both his right AND left hands are attacking him. Click here to read an article about masturbation!

Baseless Theories: The Music You Listen to Shapes Who You Are

                Chad White starts another series this time circling around the dumb things that float around in his head. This week: music is using its weird, note shaped hands to form your clay brain. Click here to Ghost!

Local Library Burns Down, No One Cares

                Fact: Libraries burn twice as fast as other buildings because of all the paper books. Don’t they know that all the money is in e-books now? HA. What year is it, 2003? Click here to go back in time!

Derek Season 1 Review: The Best Shorcut Through Life is Kindness

                Chad White reviews another Netflix original. Ricky Gervais plays a 50 year old retirement home worker and it’s as fun as it sounds. Laughs are shared. Tears are shed. Click here for The Office: The Golden Years.


Super Bob n Friends

                Operation B.A.D – The Super Team infiltrates the notorious E.V.I.L Headquarters to take them down from the inside. Click here for part one and here for Part Two.

                Pregnant – Orbulus is pregnant and asks Bobiena for help. Bob is naked for the entire event. Click here for Part One and here for Part Two.

Emotionally Disturbed Robots

                These robots have more problems than that girl I tried to pick up at the bar last weekend. But she’s going through a rough patch. She just moved to the city where she knows no one and she just started a new job where all of the older women there hate her. All she wants to do is fit in. For years she never had any good friends because she was always on the move, looking for a place to call home. She may have found it here but- sorry. I’m on a tangent. Click here for part one , here for part two, here for part three, here for part four, and here for part five.


Chad White has ANOTHER podcast. It’s called Alone Time with Chad White. He talks to himself and records it. It’s like he’s playing radio except sharing it with the people he loves. Love him back with a click right here.



Cam has a new song called Sanguin. It rhymes with Tangerine which are orange. Nothing rhymes with orange.

Click here to listen.


Somewhere Else

Cam has another song. This time, he plays guitar AND he whistles. Can you do that? I didn't think so.

Click here to be fully amazed and slightly turned on.