No Shame, No Dignity 2014

Chad White, Not Shameful, Barely Dignified

“No Shame. No Dignity.”

That’s been my slogan for about three years now. Yeah it sounds stupid and yeah it doesn’t really make sense but I like it. It fits me. I created No Shame, No Dignity back in my first year of college. I have to admit, it started out as a ploy to talk to girls. I’ve done dumber things. But it evolved to so much more. It’s taken on its own identity in my life.

I live by that simple creed every day. You may be asking yourself “what the heck is this No Shame, No Dignity?” I shouldn’t reveal my secret of life to you. It’s mine! You don’t deserve it. Although, it would be nice of me to share it. Fine. You got me. I’ll give you my secret behind No Shame, No Dignity.

Okay. Here it is. Ready? Don’t think, just do. “But Chad, that’s a slogan on its own.” To that I say: Shut up disembodied voice! No, it’s not a slogan on its own. It’s so much more than that. After not thinking and finally doing, there’s a whole not caring about what others think.

You may think that you don’t care what others think but think, deep down inside, you really do. That’s what stops you from wearing that one shirt because it makes you look bloated or walking up to that girl because you know she’ll turn you down. When did you become such a pansy? You used to be cool, man! Or woman. Whatever.

No Shame, No Dignity has even helped me to branch out of my comfort zone and talk to actual people. I know, crazy right? Every day, I force myself to say hello to at least 10 people. They have to be people I don’t know/have never met and they have to say hey back or it doesn’t count. No excuses. Friends of friends count and so do people you see once a day but once you see that person three times, they officially count as an acquaintance. This game is insanely dumb but it’s incredibly fun once people respond.

This year, however, I’m changing up No Shame, No Dignity a bit. This year, I want to add No Regrets. You always hear people say they regret doing something or someone on their deathbed claiming that they should’ve done this instead of that. I don’t want to be lying in my hospital bed with my supermodel wife and talking chimp butler/best friend standing next to me while I can only think about not staying in touch with Jim from second grade. That’s just dumb.

Common regrets include working so hard at the expense of relationships with others, being happier more and not taking life so seriously, and letting that one love get away.

I don’t want to be that architecture of a person who feels like shit for not taking a chance. No Regrets is our excuse to do whatever we want (within reason of course). No Shame, No Dignity is a tool we can use to unlock our full potential. Utilizing all three, we can be the person that we’ve always wanted to be.

As Frank Sinatra says in My Way “Regrets, I've had a few/But then again, too few to mention.” There are going to be a few regrets but those won’t matter compared to not visiting that dying friend or taking that practical job over following your dreams.

Look, I know it’s not exactly constructive to think like this but trust me, it works. Take small steps at first. Go a different route to work. Wear a clothing style that isn’t exactly in your comfort zone. Tell somebody you don’t know to have a good day.

That’s how it all starts.

Up next: No Shame. No Dignity. No Regrets. No Fat Chicks.