Saying Goodbye on the Phone To Become Law

Chad White, Loves Hellos, Misses Goodbyes

Saying goodbye on the phone has virtually become nonexistent in recent years.

Whenever anyone hangs up the phone, they always say “alright” or just plain hang up after they finish their sentence. Legislators are now trying to pass an act in which every phone conversation must end with some form of goodbye.

“Yeah, when I grew up in the early 2000’s, I had to say goodbye to my grammy on the phone all the time. It was just something I did. It felt right” said one local area man who loves his grammy. 

Other forms of goodbye that will be accepted include: Catch you later, bye-bye, sayonara, see you later, so long, and toodeloo. For more formal occasions: adieu, adios, ciao, ta ta, and farewell will be allowed. And for the laid back social calls: hasta la vista, later, peace out, and toodles will be allowed.

No word yet on when the law will be enacted.