C+ Recrap: Week of 9/8/13

Hello people that I love, yes that means you too. On this week’s Recrap (don’t you love that name?) we have a bundle of fun for our readers. And by bundle I mean we have so many things to offer you that you won’t be able to do anything else for AT LEAST 30 minutes. So order a pizza why don’t you and read our words, listen to us talk/sing, and laugh with us! Play with us please? Nobody else will.


Man Unsure of How to Respond to Girl’s Text Message

                We’ve all had this problem. I think. Click Here! 

A Terrible Day in Pallet Town

                Chad White gets needlessly sad over a video game character leaving him.  Read about his strange spiral into depression. Click Here! 

Review (/Reflection): Mike Birbiglia’s My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend

                Chad White has another oddly emotional article. This time about comedy. Grow a pair. Click Here if you have a pair! Or don't. Were equal opportunists here.

IRS To Recognize Gay Marriages, Does Not Bode Well For Scott and Tom's Already Rocky Relationship

                I can’t think of anything appropriate to say. Wait, I have a joke! Click Here! 


Super Bob n Friends in: Morbo: Soul Stealer

                Super Bob is naked and fights a demon that wants his soul. So he’s fighting his wife? HAHAHA! Get it? C’mon, that was funny. Whatever, just  Click Here for Part one and here for Part 2. 


                Chad Kroeber brings some more punchline comics to the table. Annnnnnnd now the table’s broken. Click Here to fix it.


                Did you know that there are plants that are just like your girlfriend? Wait, you don’t have one? Neither do I, welcome to the club brother! You have a girlfriend? Why not Click Here and rub your happiness in my face. 



                New song called Lick straight from the horse’s mouth. Why did I say a horse? Because horses have large tongues, duh. Click Here to beat the dead horse!

Podcast: Deleted Conversations - Dead Air

                Another Deleted Conversation is here for you to enjoy. Chad, Chad and Rick flub jokes and aren’t funny. Just like real life. Click Here!