Girl Thinks Her Friend’s Relationship is Moving Too Slow, Not Yet Facebook Official

Chad White, Facebook Official with Self, Never Official with a Girl

Twenty year old Sandy Leeman believes that her friend is going far too slow with her current boyfriend.

“I mean, they’ve been dating for, like, almost two weeks. She needs to make it official,” said Leeman as she Facebook stalked long-time friend Anne Hastings who just started dating Max Owens.

Hastings met Owens at an RA’s meet and greet. The two hit it off immediately.

 “I think he’s really cute. I mean, he’s such a fun guy to hang out with. I want to see where this goes” said Hastings.

At the meet and greet in the hallways of the Richards dormitory at University of Central State, the two talked about the various topics. They include the strangeness of their RA, the weird smell in the hallway that kind of smells like weed, and the small amount of parking on campus, after which Owens asked Hastings if she wanted to go outside and get some fresh air.

The two continued their conversation which then turned to hang out spots around the city. One thing led to another and Owens asked Hastings out on a date.

Owens expressed the same interest in Hastings stating “She laughs at my jokes so of course I like her. But seriously, who really cares if it’s Facebook official?”

Leeman constantly bugs Hastings about making the whole thing official. Hastings now tries to avoid the nosy Leeman at all costs.

Said Leeman: “It’s not real if it’s not on Facebook.”

Apparently, it’s 2009 and we’re still in high school.