Local Construction Equipment Rental Service Upset with Popstar's Antics

Chad Kroeber, Serious Journalist, I guess, for the sake of this article

The Morton Bros. Construction Equipment Rental Service (MBCERS) is allegedly upset with pop star Miley Cyrus after the release of her new music video “Wrecking Ball” earlier this week. According to Mitchel Morton Jr., Co-Owner and CEO of MBCERS, the company was responsible for supplying the industrial equipment for Miss Cyrus’ video and was not pleased with how their equipment was used.

“It states clearly in the rental agreement that the wrecking ball is not a toy and is not to be used as a ride, or swing, or whatever the hell she was using it for” said Mitchel Morton Jr, clearly still upset over Cyrus’ recent misconduct. “I mean, it’s not built to hold extra weight like that, not to mention how dangerous it is to be on it while it’s in motion.” He continued. Apparently the company owner did not know what the intended use of the equipment was going to be when he had the wrecking ball and hammers delivered that fateful morning last month.

Morton states he has sent a cleaning bill to Miley Cyrus’ residence, and hopes that she will pay it without the company having to engage with further legal action. “She LICKED our sledgehammer. I mean, seriously, what the f***? And do you know how much it cost to disinfect and sterilize an entire wrecking ball? It’s a pain in the ass is what it is.” He told this reporter in between bites of his lunch in his warehouse office.

**We should also note that Morton had several personal opinions on Cyrus as an artist as well, but his views were not applicable to this article. “I was a fan of her Hannah Montana days, but I don’t know what the f*** she’s doing now. And what the hell is twerking? Why won’t anyone tell me??” he continued, for several hours after I politely tried to tell him the interview was over.