Local Library Burns Down, No One Cares

Cam Crum, Not the Culprit, No Seriously He’s Not

“I used to love to charge my kindle there” a mother lamented to this reporter.

The library was there since 1873, but in recent years has been plagued with scandal after scandal.

 “When people began to use the Wikipedia, even nerds deserted this place. It was a ghost town” the sheriff reported.

The emptiness has led to the rise of a gang of librarians known as the 'Papah Gangstahz' who were reportedly using their new found free time to collect overdue library fines in order to  keep the library open.

“It wasn't that scary, it was mostly bizarre. They used a lot of book puns. Just plain strange, really” in the words of the sheriff.

In other news: people who like to watch porn in public begin congregating at Starbucks.

“What so you want from me?” One pervert was overheard shouting to complaining screenplay writers, “the library burned down!”