Awkward Silence in Conversation Prompts Two Acquaintances to Avoid Each Other, Situation Still Unresolved

Chad White, Awkward Tortoise, Hates Meeting Your Friends

Two people who only knew each other through another friend ran into each other heading to class last Monday.

Matthew Stilman and Evelyn Lorner met each other last semester at an on campus event. Lorner was with their mutual friend Sarah Jacobson who introduced the two. They exchanged pleasantries and accompanied that with a short conversation.

“She seemed like a nice girl. She kept up with the conversation. I never thought I’d see her again though,” said Stilman.

As it turned out, Stilman and Lorner had Physics 2010 together. They ran into each other outside of the school’s university center. They had a conversation about mutual friend Jacobson and what they did this summer. At a point, talk stopped for several seconds. The two then split ways to avoid more awkwardness.

“Yeah, we talked for a while then he went to get some food and I went to class. I sat down in the front of the classroom near the doors where he entered. I tried to avoid eye contact. He sat a few rows back,” said Lorner, still shaken up about the situation.

The class is on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 11am, so they’ll be seeing a lot of each other.