IRS To Recognize Gay Marriages, Does Not Bode Well For Scott and Tom's Already Rocky Relationship

Chad White, Runs the IRS, Wait what’s the IRS?

The IRS announced on Thursday, August 29 that it would begin to recognize same sex couples that are legally married as unions for things like federal tax purposes.

This is great news for gay couples looking to get married or those who are already married. This is not great news, however, for gay Portland couple, Scott Anderson and Tom Clark.

“I just don’t feel this anymore” said Anderson.

The couple has been having several problems as of late. Tom is always working and Scott is drifting away. They are never on the same page anymore. Dinners are always eaten in front of the TV. They never go out to the town’s most popular gay bar, Brokeback Chaps owned by famous gay British Pub owner Angus Filsworth, anymore.

“He always puts his job first. And, quite frankly, I just don’t think this is fun anymore” said Anderson.

Anderson used to have to sneak around with Clark which added excitement to the relationship. His parents were also not into the idea of their son dating another man. They had a change of heart several years ago as they got to know Clark better.

“And now they freaking love him. I hate my life” said Anderson.

The two have been together for four years now. Both have been advocating for equal marriage rights. Clark knows the relationship is on the rocks and plans on surprising Anderson with a gaycation to the gayest city in the world, Springfield, Mass. He obviously knows what he’s doing*.

*I actually wrote “dong” while writing that sentence. I should’ve left it in. It basically fit in, right?