Student Killed Because He Didn't Hear Killer Coming Due to His Wearing Ear Buds On Way to Class

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ATHENS, GA – A student at the University of Georgia was killed today after a runaway clown car ran him over.

The victim, Bradley Newman, 19, was on his way to Psychology 101 when the clown car came careening around the corner. Newman had his ear buds in at the time blaring the new Eminem album. His eyes were closed and his hand moved rhythmically with the beat as Bezerk started.

“He was just listening to that sweet new Eminem album. I told him not to walk to class with headphones in but he just had to finish the album in its entirety” said Newman’s girlfriend, Becky Dorian.

The clown car was headed to the Lambda Chi fraternity house for their annual Rainbow Muscles Dance Party where the men dance around in clown gear supplied by Athen’s most prominent clown clothing store, Gowns for Clowns.

In the clown car’s defense, they driver honked at the boy profusely.