Good News: Read Chad Kroeber’s Comic In Reader’s Digest

Chad White, Happy For His Friend, Only Slightly Jealous


I am happy to announce that co-president and fellow Chad, Chad Kroeber, is in this month’s Reader’s Digest. This is a proud moment for him so why not congratulate the guy?

Way back in the late months of 2013, Chad entered the magazine’s young cartoonist competition. Then he won it. What? Were you expecting some sort of story? I’m sorry; you’d have to ask him for all the details.

I can provide you, however, with a link to the comic. Chad is a funny guy. You should support him by buying this month’s Reader’s Digest. The money doesn’t actually go directly to Chad because he already got paid but you should own a few copies of his first published work. I know I have a few dozen.

Also, big thanks to Reader’s Digest for linking our site on theirs. They are some nice people. I love them.

Here’s Chad’s comic. So read it. 

Or read it here: