Sara Bareilles: A Goddess Among Us

Guest Writer: Rick Boykin

  Ahhhhh, young love.

Ahhhhh, young love.

So my boss said I needed to write my next piece about a one Ms. Sara Bareilles. I knew this would be a problem. I mean, how am I supposed to write something that is both funny and about Sara Bareilles?

Turns out I can’t, so this is what I got.

While trying to figure out what the hell I was going to do (and listening to Sara, you know, for inspiration and stuff), I ran across this article. Immediately I thought about this piece the boss man (@ChadBlackWhite) told me to write.

If you didn't read it (you definitely should), it talks about introverts. I’d known for a while that I considered myself an introvert, but this article seemed to do a good job at explicating some of the same conclusions that I had myself come to. “How does this relate to this piece you’re supposed to be writing about Sara Bareilles?” said one of our many, many readers (I underline many to stress the countless number of you there are). Well, after reading this article I knew why I liked Sara Bareilles. I think much of Ms. Bareilles’ work is conducive to self-reflection and self-evaluation. Her songs make you think and they make you think deep, or, at least they do for me. This is invaluable, and it coincides perfectly with introversion.

Our editor and chief Mr. Chad Black has come to help me with something; realizing I don’t care. I don’t care that I like Sara Bareilles, and I don’t care that people know I like Sara Bareilles. Her stuff just resonates.

“Come on Rick, you've completely lost the point of this article.” Well yea, I probably have, but it’s w/e. If nothing else this piece is just some good hard rambling.

In conclusion, if you don’t like Sara Bareilles or don’t listen to her, well you should; cause she’s dope.

And damn… if I were ten years older or if she were ten years younger... Ooo boy… I’d wifey the (poop expletive) outta her…

- Rickity