Girlfriend Awkwardly Left Alone At Dinner With Boyfriend's Friends As He Goes To Restroom

Chad White, Has Been That Girl, Wait He Means Guy

MADISON, WISCONSIN – When timid Luanne Barley went to dinner with her boyfriend Gene Scott, his basketball teammate and his girlfriend, she expected to have a decent time.

Barley was introduced to Erik Koehler and Tina Morrison minutes before the dinner. All four met at Scott’s house in order to carpool to the restaurant, Steaks and Bake. Barley is a shy person so meeting someone new and going to dinner with them was pretty tough.

“The drive was the worst,” said Barley, “Tina suggested that the boys ride up front so us girls can talk. I don’t know how to talk to other girls! That’s why I have a boyfriend!”

Promptly after arriving at the restaurant, the guys continued their conversation about scoring baskets in their latest game while Morrison tried to bring up the latest stats of the University of Wisconsin’s women’s basketball team with Barley. She was not having it.

Approximately 32 minutes into the meal, Scott left Barley at the table to attend to his restroom needs.

“I was alone and had nothing to talk about,” said Barley almost in tears.

Panicked, Barley began to stuff as much food as possible in her mouth. That tactic did not deter Koehler and Morrison. The two asked their tablemate where she planned on going to college and what her interests are.

“I had so much food in my mouth that I couldn’t move my jaw. But they just kept talking and talking” said Barley.

Scott had been gone for two minutes when Koehler also had to use the restroom. Barley believed herself to be almost home free. It was then that Morrison asked Barley how serious she and Scott were getting.

“You can’t ask that kind of stuff when you don’t even know the person!” said an appalled Barley.

The boys returned separately and Barley could finally catch her breath.

“I was in the clear” said Barley.

At least, that’s what she thought. It was then that Morrison announced that she had to go to the ladies room and she gestured to Barley to join her. Barley did the only thing that she thought was appropriate for that type of situation by screaming at the top of her lungs.

“I had no freaking idea what to do” said Barley “Oh God, I’m having flashbacks.”

At press time, Scott is seriously rethinking his dating options.