Report: Two Men Shake Hands, Say Goodbye But Walk Off In the Same Direction

Chad White, One Handed Man, Needs A Hand

CITY IN NEW YORK, NEW YORK – After finishing a successful business meeting, Jacob Perlman and Andrew Navarez shook hands to signal a goodbye and accidentally walked off in the same direction.

 Jacob Perlman (pictured), one of the men in question. Awkward bastard.

Jacob Perlman (pictured), one of the men in question. Awkward bastard.

“It was just another meeting. I just…I don’t…” Perlman said before breaking into tears.

Naverez and Perlman walked over seven blocks before both men decided to speed up.

“Our bodies were in sync” said Naverez “We walked at the same pace and in the same direction. It was so strange.”

This awkward moment continued as Perlman started to slow down to go inside of a local coffee shop, Beans ‘n’ Things. Just as he did that, Naverez slowed down as well. Perlman held the door for his business partner but did not look him in the eye.

“I had to pretend he wasn’t there. We had already said goodbye. Any more conversation would be awkward” said Perlman.

Oddly enough, the only two seats available were adjacent to each other.

“It just wouldn’t end. It’s like I was being put through some form of awkward torture” said Naverez.

They continued to sip their coffee in silence.