State of The Website Address – May 21st, 2014

Chad White, Has Big NEWS, Just Gave It Away


Since the beginning of the website way back in the year of 2013, I’ve always known what I wanted this thing to be. It was supposed to be an outlet for creativity and pure imagination. But that is all changing today. I want to add more to the site. Way more. I want this site to represent more than the fake news and made up things that come from my mind. That’s why, starting next week, I’ll be adding REAL NEWS to the posts.

At one of my many day jobs, I write articles all day. The site is called Do Chattanooga if I never told you about it. I get paid to sit at my desk and surf the internet all day. Then I pick a story and write about it. That’s it. I try to put as much of my personality into it as possible which often results in articles that are less about Chattanooga and more about the latest in the media.

This got thinking “Why should I put some of my funniest stuff on a site that only people in Chattanooga would most likely look at?”

So I decided to incorporate many of the ideas I had for Do Chattanooga into C+ Comedy. Instead of wasting too much time on one, I need to work harder on the other. And that’s it. What’s going to happen to the fake stuff I’ve been putting up? Nothing. Everything will be in the exact same place. Imagine if Splitsider, AV Club, and The Onion had some sort of weird baby that started dating the Nerdist. That’s what I want the site to be.

I’m just adding more content to spread my reach into the world. A bigger audience would be nice. I mean, who’s still reading this by now? Probably just me and maybe some drunk person that is up at, like, 3 am.

Go to sleep, wino.


Your Benevolent Leader, Chad C. White.