Make The Best Gym Playlist

Chad White, Thinks He’s A Body Builder, Possibly Overweight

I love to workout.

 It’s my favorite pastime. Going to the gym makes every day worth living. I only recently became privy to listening to music as I pump some iron. A large amount of people ask me what I like to listen to at the gym. I often have to tell those people different variations of my favorite music. I mean, there’s just so many of you asking. Like, sooooo many. At least three or four. God, you guys are just so nosy.

I’m here to give you the best music to listen to while you’re getting your pump on. Be sure to download everything I suggest to you or else your lift won’t be as good as it should be.

Anything Hip Hop:

This genre is a classic. Even people who don’t all the way like the music enjoy listening to the banging beats and high hat sounds. For this type of music, I like to go old school. “Rapper’s Delight” is hands down the best song that you can have on your iPod at the gym. The original, unedited version is just so good. 14 minutes of pure hip hop. And listen to that simple ass beat. I also believe it best to listen to Will Smith’s rap albums. Who needs Rick Ross, A$ap Whoever, or Little Johnson when you have Will Smith or even Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch!


Love Songs:

Who doesn’t love a good love song? I know I do. That’s why I have so many of them on my playlist. Lady Antebellum. Whitney Houston. And my future wife, Taylor Swift. All of these musicians and more fall into my love song category. It really gets you going when you hear “Dear John” start to play and you think about that girl that ripped out your heart a few days before your birthday but it’s okay because she was totally into you for a while and you guys weren’t really dating and apparently you didn’t love her because that’s how she said you felt but she didn’t know you, she couldn’t even dare to tell you it was over face to face or even call you so she texted it because that’s what our society has come to and now she avoids you because she’s a damn coward.

Things just got real.


Electronic Music:

Those songs that sound like your computer is about to crash are very ideal. I’m not talking Daft Punk (however, that is a good start) but maybe something that emulates more of the 80’s synth pop. It sounds like it wants to be electronic but it was totally made with a cheap keyboard. Then maybe go back to your Daft Punk. Oh and maybe throw in some dubstep. Skirllex’s songs are always the best way to confuse your brain while you lift.


If you’re going out for a jog, make sure that you have at least one song that includes an emergency vehicle siren because you love to be scared out of your whits.

You should also check out some Carly Rae Jepsen or Kesha (she dropped the “$” recently) for those radio bangers (not Miley Cyrus) that you somehow know the words to. And when they come on, you eventually start to mouth the lyrics. You want to stop but you can’t help it. You just can’t.