LinkedIn To Institute It's Own Short Video App

LinkedIn Logs 2.png

Chad White, LinkedOut, Please Open The Door 

Social networking site LinkedIn announced today that the company is instituting its own short video smartphone app. Much like how its competitors Facebook and Twitter have Instagram and Vine respectively, LinkedIn is releasing the video app LinkedIn Logs. The app will allow users to create and watch 20 minute clips of special presentations to broadcast to their followers.

“What we’re doing here is revolutionary” said head app designer Sammie Ramsey “No longer will people be relegated to the constraints of six to fifteen second video. We wanted people to be able to express their full ideas without having to suppress them.”

Users log into LinkedIn Logs using their LinkedIn account and, after a brief 45 question quiz along with several dozen questions about updating their career and education sections, they’re able to instantly create and upload videos.

Followers can be shared between both of the apps after an email confirmation and another short 31 question quiz. Next, they can click the in app camera button which will send them to a small 14 question questionnaire where users describe the basis of the video they are making.

“We just want to be thorough and clear with everything that users will be able to do” said Ramsey “These videos will be like Ted Talks but created by you, for you.”

Videos will be recorded for a minimum of 20 minutes up to a maximum of 75. Content must be detailed enough for others to grasp the concept. Following the creation of the video, users must answer a small, quick 28 question exam regarding who knows what. There is a comment section where other LinkedIn Logs users can respond with a comprehensive analysis of their thoughts on the video (minimum 250 words). They can even post their own 15 minute video responses.

“It’s amazing the simple connectivity we’re giving to our LinkedIn users. They’ll be able to seamlessly network to others with several clicks of a button” said Ramsey.

LinkedIn Logs is set to release soon on only Blackberry devices.