Man Still Unsure if He Can Cuss In Front Of That Christian Girl He Met


Chad White, Accidentally Said Shit, Now She Hates Me


An area man is afraid to use curse words in front of a very Christian girl he recently met at a local bar.

The girl in question, Erin Goode, was drinking at Beers Brews and Buds, a local eatery and pub that is meant for groups of friends. She downed three shots earlier that night and was later seen nursing a martini. It was around 12:03 that Ronnie Alberts approached her.

“[Erin] and I hit it off pretty quickly,” said Alberts. “We talked about everything from where we grew up to our most hated jobs.”

He continued to describe the night. The two of them talked for 15 minutes before he slipped in his first cuss word.

“We were discussing how much she hates reality shows and I agreed by saying something like ‘Yeah, they fucking suck. I’d never received such an unwarm agreement.”

Earlier in the conversation, Goode mentioned that she was a devout Baptist but she herself used the term “bag of dicks” to describe something that she wished Kim Kardashian would suck.

“I thought I had the go ahead to cuss but apparently I didn’t” said Alberts reveling in Goode’s hypocrisy.

He then continued to tell us other phrases Goode used throughout their conversation: which included “cum dumpster,” “anal prolapse,” and a racist word involving those of Latin origin. Alberts added the most confusing part of the whole thing was that he was scolded at for using the word “hate.” The two went back to his place to dry hump but refrain from actual penetration.

At press time, he is unsure whether to call her or not.