C+ Comedy Celebrates Its 1st Year-o-versary!


Chad White, Proud Parent, Atta Boy

When I started C+ Comedy, I had no idea what I wanted it to be. I mean, I knew I wanted a website where I wanted it to go but I had no idea what it would be. It has turned into something that I can’t even recognize anymore. In a good way. It was supposed to be an outlet for semi-planned writings. Many of which were composed of incredibly dumb and pointless premises. Now, everything I write seems like it has some end game. I’ve spent countless hours designing the site (with help from Squarespace), coding, writing, watching and reading other’s writings in order to grasp my own work. A year went by so quickly that I didn’t even notice how many people I’ve reached. Almost twenty thousand views with over fourteen thousand unique visitors. Wow. Just wow.

To stand out, I’ve got to do something special…something that will make me some sort of idiosyncratic snowflake in the flurry of life.

For a year, I’ve had people refer to C+ Comedy as a blog and for that same amount of time I politely tell them it’s a fucking website that I pay for and slightly modify on a daily basis. But I can see where those people get the idea. It comes off as a blog because that’s what people do today. Blogging is a simple way of getting your point across. That’s why so many people do it. There are blogs for hair, cats, clothes, bodybuilding, street fights and various other niches. However, what I’m doing is different. To stand out, I’ve got to do something special…something that will make me some sort of idiosyncratic snowflake in the flurry of life. I’m not going to put an article up about how I hate that bitch Kari from Biology and her story about how she caught her mom with the pool boy. WE GET IT KARI. YOUR PARENTS ARE DIVORCED. DROP IT, SHEESH.

What I will do is write as many essays about movies as I can. Or a review of a stand up set that you’re unsure of watching. And what about an interview with that comedian you should definitely check out? That’s me as well. C+ Comedy isn’t just about comedy; it’s about expression. On countless occasions I’ve thought to myself I should write about that. There came a point where I said enough was enough. No longer shall I sit by and let my thoughts fester. I’ve had something to say for a long time but I was too afraid of how it would come out. Would what I write be legible? Would it make sense? And, most importantly, would it be good? I’ve had some stinkers but I’ve also had some decent write ups. It doesn’t matter if you think it’s crap. Just put it out there so others can see it, no matter what it is. What is “it?” I don’t know; I’m not your keeper. You can make “it” whatever you want. Go dance, draw, sing, write – whatever. You’re killing yourself by keeping it inside. To that effect, I want to do so much more. But no one is going to give me that chance unless I’m proving I can do things on a bigger, monumental scale. I have to kick things up a notch. Nothing comes easy.

I’ve asked so many people who want to do big things to join me. However, they’re too afraid to make that leap. I’ve been working on C+ Comedy alone for months now. I ask those same people what they’re doing to make their dreams come true and they have no response. Nothing is more annoying than squandered talent. Well except maybe getting a tiny rock in your shoe. Where did it even come from anyway? I’ve been indoors all day.

I have a website with limitless possibility.

So where does this leave me? I have a website with limitless possibility. My ideas are taking over my Google Keep and assorted pages in notebooks. It’s about time I implemented them. A few months ago, I started writing news articles just so I can have daily content. That evolved into me getting press stuff for Comedy Central and a few other places. Starting this week, I’ve decided to take my news to video. This doesn’t mean I’m not writing word news any longer but I’m going to choose the biggest yet most overlooked news I’ve read/written about over the past week. Not just any news; comedy news. I’m subscribed to IGN, Nerdist and a few other sites that have their own video news but they don’t cover the same news I love to see. Splitsider has so much in terms of comedy stories that it’s insane they aren’t being seen by a larger crowd. Articles on that site become big stories a few months later. If everyone was informed about some of that stuff earlier, then it wouldn’t be as surprising when it comes down to the wire. C+ News Time, the new show, will be three to five stories of interesting comedy (and sometimes television/film news) of the past week. I hope you tune in. That’s not the only thing I have in store for you sluts. I’ve got way more projects in the works. Heck, one is starting production in September. I’ll give you a preview: a documentary about a dating site. That’s it. I hope that’s enough to get you aroused ;).

If you ever visited my website in its early stages, bless your heart. I owe you big. How about pizza? Oh right. You’re gluten free…I’ll just get you some grass. So here’s to another year for C+ Comedy. Hopefully, by next year, I can come back to tell you even bigger and better things. We’ve got to start somewhere.