From the Archives: King Kong is the Future of Movies and they will Not Get Better than This

While searching through old boxes in an attic of a house he broke into, Chad White discovered something extraordinary: newspaper clippings from the before 1950. It is a well-known fact that there was a huge fire in the early 50’s that destroyed many news outlets and their works. Chad has found history and he wants to share it with all of you.

Whit Dickman, 1933

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – RKO Radio Pictures and Turner Entertainment have just released quite possibly the greatest film of all time. King Kong – follows Robert Armstrong starring as Carl Denham, a famous filmmaker known for animal documentaries, as he journeys to a mysterious island that is the home of a giant ape – is the highest grossing film ever.

Over $2,847,000 of its $672,000 budget has been made back. That is astounding. Especially for this date and time.

The first thing moviegoers will notice about the epic is that the effects are far more advanced than anything we’ve ever seen before. Kong moves fluidly; as if he were made by the winds themselves. He towers over the city landscape perfectly. Every screech we hear from his gaping mouth is enough to scare small children for years.

“I can’t believe how realistic everything looks, see” said movie attendee Verne Bridges “My husband Albert is a model enthusiast and even he was taken aback by the realism of the city models.”

Some facts about the film include that King Kong himself was about 56 cm high when they were filming. The film also made over $90,000 during its opening weekend. That is the highest grossing debut ever. There will never be a movie that can top that much money.

If you can muster up enough nickels to see this film, then do so. And stop being so greatly depressed.