Shonali Bhowmik is a Beast in her Comedy Profile

I cannot tell you how much trouble I'm having spelling Shonali Bhowmik right now. I could just as easily copy and paste Shonali Bhowmik but that's for lazy losers! Shonali Bhowmik . Dang it! I thought it was going to be a Beetlejuice situation. Regardless of how I feel about her name, this up and coming comedienne is a brute force at the moment. 

Bhowmik recently premiered her new short film, Sardines Out of a Can, on her Vimeo page. It's a cute film about not knowing what to do in New York City after grad school and also there's a taxidermied cat. 

She was also named a finalist in the Downtown Urban Theater Festival for her play "Bed Bugs and Hot Pockets" which I hope is exactly what it sounds like. Bhowmik has also done an interview on the Beginnings podcast so you can find out more about her there. The comedienne is a member of the popular comedy group Variety Shac which consists of Chelsea Peretti, Heather Lawless, and Andrea Rosen. She has also teamed with Fred Armisen, Amy Poehler and Ed Helms on various projects. 

BUT WAIT. Bhowmik is a musician as well. She plays for the band Tigers and Monkeys on her very own independent record label Little Lamb Recordings. Currently, you can purchase Bhowmik's latest solo album on her website.

There's no doubt that Bhowmik's career is heading places. With the background that she has, the starlet is sure to be a big name very soon. If it happens soon, please do think that I'm a gypsy of some sort. 

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