My Resting Bitch Face & You


Guest Writer: Rick Boykin

            I’ve got a resting bitch face, yes it’s true. I, like millions of Americans, suffer from this condition. If people have ever told you that you look angry walking to class, chances are you suffer from it too.

           But there’s a solution.

            Our beloved editor and chief, Mr. Chad C. White himself, once told about a game he’d started to play. He would say hi to 10 new people, every day. The idea still seems like too much to me, and I refuse to do it, but it seems well off. If nothing else, I’ll say I’m impressed by the man’s commitment.

            I deal with my RBF a different way, by not giving a fuck. I only truly care about a few things, and if you knew me you’d know that my RBF is a poor reflection. Those things that I do care about (I wont go in to them here 'cuz like, we ain’t tryina get deep or nothin') I care about with my entirety. Not everyone with a resting bitch face is the mean little douche that it might suggest, a lot of times it probably just means that that person’s mind is filled with other things, like hopes in my case.  

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