Matt Starr is Not a Jerk in His Comedy Profile

With a name like Starr, Matthew has to prove something to the world. The New York based comedian has already written for hit shows like MTV's Guy Code and online projects like CollegeHumor and UCB's digital news team, UCB1. But he hates talking about that stuff. 

Instead, he'd rather you focus on his current projects. Starr recently premiered a new web series, Snarky Sidekick, that features StarrDon Fanelli (The Chris Gethard Show, Letterman), and Siobhan Thompson (BBC America). Taking notes from both the National Treasure and Indiana Jones film series, Snarky Sidekick follows the nerdy partner (Starr) of a treasure hunter (Fanelli) leaving the underling to find the priceless Native American artifact before it falls into the wrong hands.

Starr praised the performances of his costars saying "Siobhan Thompson is amazing as Heather; the beautiful, book-smart woman." He didn't leave Fanelli out of the conversation adding "he was so good, we had to make his part bigger."

You can watch all of Snarky Sidekick's first season here.

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