Sue Smith Really Believes in your Vagina in her Comedy Profile

Like any man, I love a good vagina. Sue Smith agrees with that sentiment. Recently, UCB1's Smith spent her free Saturday afternoon interviewing strangers about menstrual cups in Brooklyn's McCarren Park. She traveled with every woman's best friend: a giant vagina. 

Smith is a popular New York based comedienne who Time Out calls one of the "top 10 funniest women in NYC." She's a wonderfully funny and self-deprecating to a point that you might want to help her. But you can't do that. She doesn't need you! 

Smith is super busy; running around the city hosting Amazingtown Comedy on Tuesdays, Bunk Bed Time every Sunday and stand-up, improv and sketch every other night of the week. Plus, she had a one woman show called Minimum Rage ran at Upright Citizens Brigade on both coasts. Along with all that other stuff, Smith also works hard at creating videos for UCB Comedy on YouTube

There is nothing that can stop Sue Smith; that includes you, time.

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