C+ Comedy’s 2nd Year-o-versary!

Chad White, Birthday Master

Birthdays are super weird. Every year on the same date, we’re forced to celebrate the day we escaped from our mother’s wombs. Companies are very much the same in that they too take delight in the conception of their work environments. You think Coke doesn’t want your sweet cash on its 100th anniversary? Think again, soda drinkers. Birthdays are a way for people to cash in on their loved ones. But, more importantly, it really is a time to be happy to have survived for so long. If C+ Comedy was a real person, it’d be able to walk and maybe even talk. That’s right; it’s that time of year again.

C+ Comedy is two years old as of today! Having set Google Calendar reminders (that went off over two weeks ago all the way up to yesterday), I’m happy to say the site is doing okay. The numbers have gone up albeit with help from me. Currently, over 60,000 visits have gone down with over 44,000 being unique viewers. That’s a huge set of numbers but I’m excited to watch it go even higher. Let’s shoot for one million next year?

I don’t want this to be a retelling of last year’s birthday post. Actually – here’s a behind the scenes look – I’m writing this only minutes before sending it off to the site. It was hard coming up with a special thing to do to celebrate a website birthday. What I originally wanted to do went unfinished so I had to make up something new. Earlier this week, I released a video under a new series called Pilot Presentations, which will focus on fake pilots for shows I’d want to produce. That being said, the video itself was titled “Session 0: Tyler” and it’s originally part of another untitled, all improvisation series. I did it months ago and, with a little tinkering, perhaps the rest of the videos (for both series) will see the light of day outside of my SSD.

Over the past two years – through all the videos, scripts, essays, news and interviews – I’ve seen myself grow as a writer immensely. In fact, I was reading an academic essay I did for college just three semesters ago and it stunk horribly. For months, I thought the teacher had it out for me when she, in fact, was right for giving me that high C. But graduating has taught me something very, very important: writing, while extremely varied, is very much like comedy in that it’s subjective. I wrote the same way for years with several professors awardingme with grades ranging from low D’s to low A’s (I often wrote too loose for a perfect grade). One wanted quantity over quality; one wanted it vice versa. Some wanted both. Now, I can finally get out into the world and use everything I’ve learned from all my schooling. I’m often asked the question “Are you going to get your masters?” to which I respond “Do you have money for me to continue going to college? No? Then screw you!” But what I honestly mean to say is that it would be wasteful for me to continue schooling. In order for me to become the writer I’ve always wanted to be, I have to get out and experience everything the world has to offer. How else would I get my inspirations? Drugs? Users are losers!

Really, these past two years have been wonderful. I can’t wait to take this thing a thousand times higher. I hope to get even bigger interviews, make even funnier videos and write many, many more essays in the coming year.

To another successful year with C+ Comedy. You’re one in a million, doll.

As a special treat from me to you, here are two of ym favorite people saying happy birthday to C+ Comedy.