Comedy Central's newest show is "Hood Adjacent," hosted by James Davis

Comedy Central isn't up to snuff on shows starring someone who isn't white. But they're trying with their latest addition Hood Adjacent with James Davis. The series is executive produced by Alex Murray and Shawna Wexler, Riki Hughes, Troy Miller, Sean O’Connor and Showrunner Jim Margolis. Davis will take viewers on a tour of his neighborhood which is just a block away ffrom the hood: "[Davis] explores contemporary urban topics through a unique, hybrid style of comedy that bridges the gap between urban and mainstream comedy." The series will being airing on Wednesday, June 28 at 9 PM.

Even Ellen DeGeneres is getting a Netflix special, maybe and probably

Everybody and their mother is getting a Netflix special, even comedians whose previous claim to fame was a single half hour on Comedy Central 15 years ago. Netflix has since reached out to Ellen DeGeneres -- the daytime queen -- for her own special. Corresponding over Twitter, the two sources exchanged cagey tweets about a special.

Nothing is set in stone but, given Netflix's penchant for bringing people back into the standup world, there's a chance it could happen. DeGeneres's last special was in 2003 (Here and Now) with the previous one being in 2001 (The Beginning). Both were for HBO.

Now James Corden and Snapchat have a show deal with each other

James Corden wants to get on all of your screens. His latest deal will put him right in the middle of the app that has been struggling since its IPO reveal. Snapchat will air a new show titled James Corden's Next James Corden reports Variety. The show is a six episode parody of reality shows. Corden will host the show this fall.

The story will have Corden looking for a bunch of young replacements for The Late Late Show. CBS is taking the show seriously too. Ben Winston (Carpool Karaoke) and Rob Crabbe (The Late Late Show) will executive produce. CBS Interactive is on board as well as Fulwell 73 and CBS Prods. 

Netflx's latest comedy series reminds you of your "Friends From College"

Netflix is a predictable beast. For every hour long drama it churns out, it brings on two comedy half hours. Like any network, these shows vary in terms of quality but some of them are actually well done. Writing and cast is what makes a half hour strong. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt survives because of the crew behind it. Flaked flaked because it felt self-important. The streamer's latest series, Friends From College, is one of many dark comedies with a stacked cast.

Cast way back in August of 2016, Keegan-Michael Key, Fred Savage, Colbie Smulders, Nat Faxon and Billy Eichner lead the eight episode series. Nicholas Stoller and Francesca Delbanco created the show that follows Harvard grads in their forties experiencing a wide range of success. Friends From College begins aring on July 14. 

Bobby Moynihan is leaving SNL for that CBS show

Saturday Night Live cast members come and go all the time. Will Ferrell left to make movies. Seth Meyers left to host late night. And now Bobby Moynihan is leaving to star in a single camera comedy. In other news, the sky is blue, water is wet and NBC cancels their comedy shows too soon. The move has been in the mix for some time. Moynihan was cast in Me, Myself & I, a show that follows a man's life at three junctures (14, 40 and 65). Deadline writer Nellie Andreeva says that after Moynihan granted his two year extension on top of his seven year contract at SNL, this season was to be his last regardless of the pilot getting picked up. Me, Myself & I will premiere this fall on CBS. Check out the trailer below.