Billboard's new chart counting techniques!

"People are calling me thinking I’m huffing & puffing. Omg y’all this is sarcasm/dry humor. Yikes. I’m having the most iconNIC time. Come let me kiss you. 😩😘😘😘 Who’s coming to the secret show? When people call me & hear me crackin up laughing they seem so puzzled. Loosen up 😅"
-Ninki Minjaj

Hot off the summer of dance challenges, News Time comes in with a couple of new ones perfect for viral-ality. But before you go out and dance in the streets, watch as we cover Billboard's latest way to count album sales. Streams too. It's really complicated. Plus, we use those numbers to see if Nicki Minaj outsold Travis Scott like she claims. Shake your grove thing only on News Time!