Netflix rolls over and Disney still, maybe believes in VICE!

For years, Netflix has said it wouldn't traditionally release their movies to theaters in order to get award recognition. Now they're doing just that. What's the catalyst for the change? Plus, Disney wrote off $157 million of its investment into VICE. Additionally, the website is said to cut 15% of staff and even condense some of its sister sites. But VICE and new CEO Nancy Dubuc don't want to give up. All your monetary questions answered only on News Time!

Tracking the Importance of Movie Soundtracks!

Soundtracks can be very important to a movie. An original soundtrack is doubly more important. A Star Is Born killed it at the box office, commercially, and -- now, officially -- on the Billboard chart. Thanks to singles "Shallow" and "I Will Never Love Again," the Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper starer is setting records. But, with Bohemian Rhapsody out, will there be another front runner? Plus, voting's place with comedy! Only on News Time!

Horror makes the leap from movies to TV!

Scary movies on TV? Spooky! Scary movie personalities on TV? Very spookier! A talking great dane? Even spookiest! Horror has made leaps to TV in strange ways. Whether it be a new horror reality series from James Wan or the many mysteries solved by Mystery Inc., there are many ways to check out the scariest parts of the media world. Find out some of the ways you can do that only on News Time!