10 years of D23 Expo!

Disney's D23 Expo is their version of ComiCon and it sure is paying off. This year, after posting record highs at the box office and before introducing its ultimate, singular streaming service, Disney held panels showing off what is yet to come. Even though D23 is bi-annual, there's sure to be enough coming out of the expo to satiate fans. Where does Disney get its bite from? Find out only on News Time!

The Kids, Teens and People all have a choice (awards)!

Ever wonder how all these viewer choice award shows came to be? Here's the answer: a bunch of executives and producers individually thought they'd be great ideas. However, this week's News Time takes that answer and makes it somewhat digestible. Plus, the Disney/Fox merger went through. 4,000 jobs have been cut. And reality is hitting the crews of 20th Century Fox. Even the execs are quaking. How did slime season come about? Why are the top brass of 20th Century Fox afraid of losing their jobs? Find out only on News Time!