Cutting down commercials but not really!

"I'm an ad man, baby."
-Don Draper, maybe

Are you ready for more television advertising news? Shut up! You know you are! The 2018 television season will see a host of new ways for networks to advertise. As viewers flock from cable to streaming, broadcast wants to be the middle man between advertisers doing their jobs and viewers trying to get away from long commercials. Fox, NBC, CBS, and ABC want to appease both sides. Will cutting down on ad time help? Will prioritizing a full minute for specific ads before or after a show help? Oh and Amazon wants to join the same advertising ranks as Google and Facebook. All of this only on News Time!

Go90 go Bye Bye! (and welcome Instagram TV!)

-Mr. Student Body President (maybe)

Verizon's go90 is on its way out and Instagram’s YouTube-esque competitor IGTV is on the way in. While both offer wildly different things, their mission statements boil down to providing video to those who want it. go90 failed in its execution at a streaming service based on millennial interests. But Verizon had all the backing (not to mention money) that was supposed to make it a hit. Where did it go wrong? Plus, Instagram is taking a tepid step into the pool that is user generated video. Is IGTV going to be the next YouTube or is it too far behind? Find out the answer to those questions among others only on News Time!