10 years of D23 Expo!

Disney's D23 Expo is their version of ComiCon and it sure is paying off. This year, after posting record highs at the box office and before introducing its ultimate, singular streaming service, Disney held panels showing off what is yet to come. Even though D23 is bi-annual, there's sure to be enough coming out of the expo to satiate fans. Where does Disney get its bite from? Find out only on News Time!

Disney and Pixar's (people of) color problem!

Disney and Pixar are plum out of executives of color. As four black execs leave the company, the numbers begin to dwindle. Just because Disney promotes diversity verbally -- like most of Hollywood -- that doesn't necessarily mean they're practicing it. News Time tackles the lack of color behind and in front of the camera...again. For, like, the tenth time. This is getting tedious, guys.

Comic strip movies are definitely not money makers!

"Ugh. Lasagna! Mondays! Odie!"
-Garfield, probably

Go ahead and watch all your comic book movies; comic STRIP movies are where the real money is. Or isn't. Yeah, that's the one. There have been a ton of movies based on characters in the Sunday paper yet almost none of them are remotely successful. Find out which ones failed and just how badly only on News Time!