NBA All Star Weekend is on its way back to All Star status!

NBA All Star Weekend has been on the lower side of all star lately. 2018 saw a newly rejiggered All Star game while players actually started giving a hoot again. This year's game was doubly sensational what with the dunking and joking throughout the evening. Has the NBA managed to Euro step around its critics? Find out only on News Time!

The Grammys are doing (slightly) better!

Award season brings disappointment and lower ratings year over year. However, award shows are trying to combat decline in interest with revamped versions of the shows. The Recording Academy is trying to win back big artists who have shunned the show for not recognizing them. They're also trying to reconcile with female artists. How did they do this year? Are they taking the right steps to ensure the plan runs smoothly? Find out only on News Time!

The Super Bowl Ad Blitz!

The Big Game (C) brings more than viewers. It also brings revenue from advertising. Your fears are confirmed: ads are the most important part of the game. But don't be one of those people that says they only watch the game for the ads. Those people suck.