H. Jon Benjamin, Eugene Mirman Open Online Store with Their Magical Voices

So, uh, H. Jon Benjamin and Eugene Mirman just opened an online store. What they're selling is a real mystery though. The store is called the Flotsam General Store, a "post-structural online shopping experience."

Curiouser yet, it only offers a lone item: a $40 "Mystery Sack." Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery. A medium and large sack will be available at some other point in time. No one knows what is exactly in the sacks however. 

According to the store's FAQ, "Flotsam sacks are stocked according to the principles of 'positive sourcing,' with three or more Flotsam products hand-conceived by the Flotsam Design Team." 

While I'm at it, here's they're pretty intense About Page:

From a rocky perch, a figure stands watching the waves crash in eternal repetition. Is he looking for something or is he waiting for something he has already found? For a lifetime of looking, maybe nothing will come and for a lifetime of waiting, maybe nothing returns. Flotsam is dedicated to the principle that sometimes, what we seek can eventually find us. Our goal is to never know.
Flotsam offers three sacs of hand-chosen items that are hand-hewn by machines in America and are shipped directly to you. What you receive depends on what we choose for you in the moment. In this way, a symbiotic chain is created between producer and consumer. Our mission is to always build on that chain, until that chain enwraps all of us and we are thusly bound together, chained.

So now that you're all enticed to buy it, head over to the Flotsam store and pick up a sack. Then promptly wait the allotted 6-8 weeks for delivery. While you wait, read more about Floatsam and its legacy leaving sales model here.