USA is "Pulling Away" from 'Playing House'

This is why I cry at night. 

One of the funniest new comedy shows this year probably won't be renewed for a second season. Deadline reports that the cable network - that so adamantly wanted to get into the comedy ring - has decided to refocus efforts on its dramas again. 

USA purchased syndication rights for Modern Family way back in 2010. Using that popular show as a lead in, other shows were created to feed off of residual viewers. They had so much faith in the program that they hired a dedicated comedy executive whose soul job I assume to be was to find funny shows.

Getting back into dramas may be due to the fact that FX and sister channel FXX dominated in the cable sitcom arena with newcomers Married and You're The Worst. Lennon Parham and Jessica St. Clair fans continue to get their hearts crushed.

The network plans to remain committed to its current in development comedies Benched set to premiere on October 28, and Sirens, which was just renewed for a second season.