'Community' Adds Two New Students to its Role, Present & Accounted For

Hearing Community news is like the water levels in Sonic The Hedgehog. You hold your breath until you start to hear the music and then, suddenly, there is a breath of fresh air and you sigh once you reach a good point. That's a stretch of an analogy but you get the point.

Hollywood Reporter informed Community fans that Paget Brewster and VIce President Keith David are enrolling at Greendale. Those two are presumably replacing Yvette Nicole Brown and Johnathan Banks.

The Andy Richter Controls The Universe star Brewster (Criminal Minds and Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law) will play Francesca "Frankie" Dart, a consultant that is brought in to help the school. The Cape's Keith David (Static Shock and game series like Mass Effect and Saints Row) will portray Elroy Patashnick, a retired inventor trying to reinvent himself. There's a joke in there somewhere. 

The sixth season is set to premiere sometime after Christmas on Yahoo Screen or that place where you can watch classic SNL sketches.