"The Comeback" to Make a Comeback this Sunday

November 9th is an important day for television. The Simpsons will air its Futurama crossover, the Bears will play the Packers, and HBO is bringing back one of its cult classic shows, The Comeback

The comedy show stars Lisa Kudrow as B-Level TV star Valerie Cherish, a pioneer in reality television. The ex-it girl wants to get back into the TV game after 10 years of obscurity. I'm still talking about the character and not Kudrow herself. She was in Easy A for crying out loud.

Valerie Cherish hires a student film crew to document her life this time around in order to attract basic cable channel Bravo and premium cable channel HBO. 

You can catch up on the first season on Amazon Prime and HBO Go. The Comeback is strives for relevancy for eight episodes starting this Sunday at 10 PM on HBO.