Paul Scheer Launches 'Wolfpop' Network for All of Your Pop Culture Podcast Needs

I love pop culture. And you know you do too. As much as you pretend not to be into who's sleeping with who, what movies are good, or what show has got people hooked you know you want to be a part of the fold. 

How Did This Get Made host Paul Scheer feels your pain. That's why he created the podcasting network Wolfpop. Under its sister channel Earwolf, Wolfpop will include podcasts that focus on the media of today. Wolfpop launched this past Wednesday with podcasts featuring the likes of W. Kamau Bell, Leonard Maltin, Sarah Thyre, Nate Corddry, and more. The emphasis will be on "presenting world-class and rising talent, providing them with an unfiltered platform to share their passions and stories with humor and depth." Now's my chance to finally get the podcast I've always wanted. I'm a comin' Scheer!

Splitsider has an incredible interview with Scheer discussing Wolfpop and The Sylvester Stallone Show.