FXX to Make Late Night Cartoon Block with ADHD, Coming for that Adult Swim Money



Fox couldn't handle all of the carton chaos that ADHD was giving them so, after pulling the Saturday night block in June, they've decided to bring it back. "Let's give it to our little sister!" Said one of the execs probably. 

Deadline reports that on January 22, the cable channel is set to debut several new series with the FXX block. There will be a sneak preview of everything on January 1st at 12AM following a special Simpsons marathon. But let's face it, every Simpsons marathon is special.  

FXXX at Night (not the real name but one can only hope) will launch with eight new episodes of Lucas Bros. Moving Co. andStone Quackers, which will be joined by repeat showings of High School USA!Axe Cop and other beloved ADHD animated shorts.