Kroll & Comedy Central to End 'Kroll Show' After Third Season


Kroll Show's Nick Kroll has announced that the show is ending after its third season.

The decision was reached mutually as Kroll and Comedy Central realized that they "wrapped up a lot of the stories and characters that [they] had created, and...brought a number of them to their natural conclusion." Rather than bring them back for more seasons with less characterization, they decided to end the show completely.

Kroll also suggested that he wanted to bring back the show with new elements for a fourth season but, ultimately, it would end up disappointing fans. RIP Kroll Show

In an exclusive interview with Vulture today, the comedian explained why the decision was made:

I think the show is a very good summation of what I was interested in on TV and the kind of people that were interesting to me. One of the things I’m proud of is we never had an agenda of, We’re going to make fun of these kinds of people. It just organically occurred without too much of a preconceived idea. So it’s a good example of whatever has been in my head for the last three or four years. It seems weird to call it “pure” because most of it feels so disgusting.

But I feel very lucky that I’ll be able to look at this show and be like, These are the people who I was friends with. I think people will look back at the show and see what an incredible cast and what a group of writers we had over the three seasons. My hope is that it’s like The Ben Stiller Show or Mr. Show, where people go on to become the most recognizable people in comedy.