'Parks and Rec's' Final Season to be Shotgunned at You

In an effort to get you to hurry up and not watch their network any longer, NBC has decided to just throw all of the seventh and final season of Parks and Rec up over a few weeks.

The fan favorite show will move from its comfy but lame Thursday night "comedy block" to Tuesday nights. This begins January 13 at 8 PM. Episodes will be played back to back for for the next couple of weeks leading up to the finale on February 24. 

Michael Schur told EW "I think everyone feels like, 'We don’t want to overstay our welcome. We want to go out on a high note...We did this big creative leap at the end of last year and now we get to pursue that in a fun way for half the year and then we'll wave goodbye and exit stage left." 

With Parks and Rec gone, you'll now have time to focus on the important things like... that thing you like to do and that other thing. Sigh. I'll miss this show.