Here's A Thing: Gangnam Style Slithering Its Way 2 Billion Views

Whether people still actually find enjoyment in this once fad or they're watching it ironically, Korean pop song "Gangnam Style" is slinking its way to over 2 billion views.

CNet reports, currently, the once overplayed song sits at 1.997 billion YouTube video views. The video, which was published on July 15  in 2012, first hit 1 billion views in December 2012. It was the first video ever to do that. Rightfully so, the hits have slowed down but it's still sitting high and mighty on its throne of viewership.

This number doesn't even count the amount of reposts and parodies that have over millions of views themselves. Psy's song surpassed Justin Bieber's "Baby" and that whole Harlem Shake thing.

Psy's second most watched video "Gentlemen" is the followup to "Gagnam Style." It's not as lauded but still comes in at a whopping 687.6 million views.

Sweet Jesus.

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