Kickstart This: LeVar Burton Wants To Bring Reading To Children Again

 "Okay LeVar, we need you to keep that awkward smile going."

"Okay LeVar, we need you to keep that awkward smile going."

Reading Rainbow host and Star Trek star LeVar Burton would like to bring back Reading Rainbow in app form.

Burton and his band of merry readers are trying to bring their unlimited staple of books to “today’s digitally connected kids” through a new kickstarter. Reading Rainbow began in 1983 and ended in 2009, However, the host is not yet ready to give up the position of giving the gift of reading to kids around the world. They’ve realized that in 2014, TV is not the best way to reach kids anymore. Now, the youth are more into tablets and computers which is where they will make their main base for the project.

The kickstarter provide all of the necessary information like number of Americans that who are illiterate (a staggering 1 in 4) and the rate at which they will drop out of school (400% suggested to by high school). There is currently a Reading Rainbow app for iPad but it’s not as robust as Burton would like.

The main challenges that previous app faced was that not all families have a tablet. Teachers also suggested that they would rather there be a Reading Rainbow for the classroom which would help them teach about the importance of literacy. Moreover, disadvantaged classrooms would get the app and teaching supplies for free. That is a deal you cannot pass up.

Burton wants every home and every classroom to have the newest app. Rewards range from t-shirts to a personal tweet or follow on Twitter from Burton himself (until he gets tired of you, I bet) to a picnic with the host among other things.

Check out the video here: